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Rolph was raised in Holland where he also was born again and Spirit filled. Hyona was born in South Korea and moved to California when she was 10. She was born again shortly after.

They travel frequently and have lived on three different continents. They reside near Seattle in Washington with their daughter Natasha, and two sons Timothy and William. All five family members were born in a different nation. The whole family will be moving to Europe in the next few months.

Both Rolph and Hyona completed ministerial training at Spirit Life Bible College in California. They have been in full time ministry since 1994. They founded and pastored 2 churches for several years, and then began itinerant ministry. They travelled to over 50 nations in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America, to teach and preach in churches, Bible Schools, leadership meetings and conferences.

They are very sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit and have seen many healed and delivered. Signs and wonders follow the bold preaching and teaching of the Word and people are encouraged and equipped to obey their high call. Their preaching is strong and challenging, yet compassionate.They touch on various subjects that stir people to change and to a stronger pursuit of God.

They have a passion to see people live in total victory in every area of life, teaching people to do the work of the ministry and to function as an effective instrument in society.

Hyona is also gifted with a great musical gift. When ministering together she often plays the piano under a very strong anointing ushering people into the Presence of God.

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